Atlantis Engineering has also added GPS controlled Center Pivot and Linear machines to its R&D

studies on the Center Pivot and Linear Irrigation systems it has realized singly for the first time. Testing

of such systems in the field has been continuing for 2 years and these systems have been providing

services successfully. Thanks to the GPS controlled systems, more accurate control can be obtained.

Atlantis attain a place in the international market with this technology. In the technology employed for

such purposes:

* Manual operation option (with guiding tracker)

* Sending commands and controlling with RTK(Real Time Kinematics) GPS Network

* Driving and directing the system with precise coordinate data supplied by means of RTK (Real Time


linear with GPS

* Capability to manage all features of the systems with SCADA,

* Ability to transfer all information related to the past to Excel in csv format,

* Switching pump and mixers in the fertigation pump system on and off,

* Switching well pump and centrifugal pump on and off,

Linear Irrigation System and Center Pivot are operated by means of programming RTU (Remote

Telemetry Unit) and I/O (analogue and digital input/output cards) available on the control panels of

Linear Irrigation Systems, and accessing systems remotely through HMI (Human Management

Interface). As for GPS, precise coordinate data has been provided by means of the base installed in the

field and Rover GPS integrated to the machines, and the system is operated. RTK technology has been

utilized in such GPS infrastructure.

Machines shut the systems down automatically in case of alarm situations. However, by virtue of

the electromagnetic flow meter and pressure transmitter integrated to the system, instantaneous flow rate

passing through the system and together with the pressure values can be read and monitored, whenever

required, via main control panel or SCADA displays on the computers to which HMI is installed.

After initial pressure and flow rate values are reached, system starts operating when the

percentage time value which has been specified by the operator before is activated, and in this way,

similar water distribution can be obtained in the first operation.

Atlantis Center Pivot Scada

Wireless WiMAX (

Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) technology has been

employed in the network infrastructure of the system. It is possible to monitor on-line in the field by

attaining access through RTU and cameras integrated to the system. The networks installed can provide

a performance ranging between 6 mbps and 20 mbps.

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